2015 Angelscopes

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Here's my angelically assisted predictions for you for
2015 - The year ahead
~ Mary Jac

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★ ~ Aquarius ~ ★
Home and Relationships ~ Romance is very important to you and you will love a magical gesture early in the year which will strengthen the bond in a close relationship. Devoting time to family and friends is important in 2015 and you will find that a happy event will bring people together, too. When you are invited to try something different from that which you would normally do, please give it considered thought as it could bring you happy results.
Career and Finances ~ There may be a point in this coming year when you will feel that you have to make some important career choices. Remember that money and stability are very important, but so is your happiness and peace of mind. Be careful not to take on something that is too much for you, and could affect your emotional well being. Take the time to weigh everything up carefully before making any decisions, and allow your instincts to take a major role in knowing what is right for your career path AND your future well being and peace of mind
Lucky number ~ 24
Favoured colour ~ Orange

★ ~ Pisces ~ ★
Home and Relationships ~ Adventures are waiting! Prepare to live your dreams as they are coming to seek you out this year. There will be so much on offer, that you will need to ensure you have take some quiet and pampering time in between your adventures and projects to maintain your energy levels.
Remember your strengths and weaknesses, look after yourself, open your heart to the new experiences and you will enjoy an exciting journey as the year progresses. Itís going to be wonderful! On the 'romance front', you should consider what gestures YOU could make to inspire the same coming back to you.
Career and Finances ~ You are very talented Ė this year could see you rise to your full potential if you have the courage to go for your dreams. The seeds of change could grow into something wonderful for your future (satisfying both your emotional and financial needs) Ė so cultivate them!
Lucky number ~ 20
Favoured colour ~ Green

★ ~ Aries ~ ★
Home and Relationships ~ You know, when you look inside yourself, what you really want - what will make you happy. You know, too, what makes you feel uncomfortable or low. 2015 will see you getting stronger, standing up for yourself, and walking away from that which no longer serves you in your life.
This new found confidence will result in attention from some very important people as the year progresses, bringing a fresh new interest in life that is much needed.
Passion for life in more ways than one is due to find you later in the year. Enjoy the prospect of sharing that passion with someone who really cares!
Career and Finances ~ Donít look back Ė you're not going that way! 2015 is a time for you to devote time and energy to ensuring you enjoy your working life. You are becoming increasingly aware of how much time your working life absorbs and you should take steps to improve your working environment. Invest wisely with both your time and money later in the year and you will reap the rewards on both levels.
Lucky number ~ 30
Favoured colour ~ Yellow

★ ~ Taurus ~ ★
Home and Relationships ~ Balance is the key for you in 2015. Resist the urge to try and juggle too many balls in the air at once in the early part of the year. Focus only on that which is important.
New encounters in late summer could be very important for you. Take new people at face value and trust in your own instincts. Remember that no two people are ever the same. Don't allow other peopleís negativity to make you doubt your own truth, your heart will show you the way.
Career and Finances ~ A career change or promotion which will call upon your own natural talents could be a very wise move. Self employment should be considered carefully before starting new projects though, so please think things through carefully if this is a path you are thinking about. Be sure that you have everything you need to progress, and take advice from an expert to ensure success.
Lucky number ~ 6
Favoured colour ~ Royal blue

★ ~ Gemini ~ ★
Home and Relationships ~ The start of 2015 could see you yearning to get out and about more. Spending some time developing outside interests will help to boost your confidence and increase your energy levels. Don't be too quick to shrug off the old and reliable, though, as you have room in your heart and life for both old and new pastimes - and relationships, too. Prepare to have an encounter which will make you realise that life is far better than you thought and give you better peace of mind, too. A relationship with a special person could become far more significant by the end of the year.
Career and Finances ~ You have a magical flow of abundance on itís way and your talents will be recognised and rewarded. You could find yourself steered towards something different from that which you are used to, which will help keep the cash flowing. So don't worry, as any difficulties that you may face in early 2015 will soon become a thing of the past as the year progresses. Keep your hopes high and know that you can achieve small miracles when you put your mind to it.
Lucky number ~ 31
Favoured colour ~ Gold

★ ~ Cancer ~ ★
Home and Relationships ~ 2015 is love starred for Cancerians, and will be a time for wonderful and positive changes. You should be ready to open your mind and your heart to new people or ideas which could put a totally different slant on your way of thinking how a relationship should be. Important relationships will deepen and thrive. Your capacity for love and self-love, too, will grow throughout the year, bringing you new-found optimism and faith in your future. Remember to take everyone at face value and not to judge people by any disappointments that you may have encountered in the past.
Career and Finances ~ 2015 is the year that you will feel itís time to help others though your work. Consider any work which brings people pleasure as you will find it will make you feel brighter, too. Finances will not always run smoothly for you over this coming year, but donít worry, as you will find a way to muddle your way through without any major stresses or worries.
Lucky number ~ 39
Favoured colour ~ Green

★ ~ Leo ~ ★
Home and Relationships ~ Trust is the key to a settled year. Accept yourself and others and believe with all your heart that things WILL work out for the best. A happy turn of events will strengthen the bond in an existing relationship which will prove to be more important than you had realised as the year progresses.
A house move or major re-decoration is likely, take your time over this to ensure that all goes smoothly. A special and memorable moment will make you feel more settled and secure.
Career and Finances ~ You are now moving towards a more abundant period in your life, where your material needs will be easily provided for. Assertiveness may be required at work to establish your point of view. You will be rewarded for work that you undertake in 2015 which will give you the chance to show just how gifted you are. You may even surprise yourself! If youíre thinking of a career change, a job working (at least partly) outdoors is indicated as a good choice, and should be carefully considered if the chance arises.
Lucky number ~ 3
Favoured colour ~ Lemon

★ ~ Virgo ~ ★
Home and Relationships ~ You need to pay attention to what people are trying to communicate to you at the beginning of the year and give an important relationship your full attention to avoid any problems. Showing people just how much you care is very important. You will be called on for help or support from someone as the year progresses and giving freely of your time and care will be mutually beneficial. A yearning for adventure will come upon you later in the year and you should make sure that you include others in your plans to get the very best from your experiences. 'Togetherness' is the key!
Career and Finances ~ Consider doing work of some kind for those who are less fortunate than you - even if you can only spare a few hours a week. Bringing people together who are of a like mind through volunteer or charity work is sigificant for you this year. Money is going to flow steadily for you ensuring that you are able to meet all of your needs. As long as you donít give in to extravagant gestures, your finances will run smoothly throughout 2015.
Lucky number ~ 10
Favoured colour ~ Purple

★ ~ Libra ~ ★
Home and Relationships ~ You had an incredible support network around you in 2014, which has strengthened your belief in the good people of this world. Not only did this come from people who are close to you, but by the presence and encouragement of loved ones that have been lost, too. This has deepened your spiritual awareness, and could lead you to seek out the company of those with similar beliefs with whom you could spend a great deal of meaningful time in 2015. You may find yourself drifting away from old friendships with people whose lives are going in a different direction from yours. Donít let this worry you as you now know what and who are the most important things in life, and the new friends that are set to enter your life this year will fill you with a new-found feeling of serenity and contentment.
Career and Finances ~ Be patient! A change from the 'old' and familiar is due to materialise later in the year. When it does, look at it, think how it could affect your future and make a decision from both your heart and head for maximum success.
Lucky number ~ 1
Favoured colour ~ Light green

★ ~ Scorpio ~ ★
Home and Relationships ~ You could find yourself tempted to fall into negative thinking habits early in the year and you need to resolve to look for the positivity in all areas of your life. Count your blessings rather than focus on that which you don't yet have. Your past is now very firmly in the past and 2015 is definitely set for good things to happen in your home life as long as you are open to welcoming them. The new beginnings of spring will see you making exciting plans for the future. Loving moments throughout the year will make you feel a deepening contentment in the home. Keep your thoughts and ideas optimistic in order to recognise and enjoy all the good that you will encounter, and be open to new experiences so that you don't miss out on the interesting opportunities that are on their way.
Career and Finances ~ The indications are that a career linked to some aspect of the healing field will be satisfying and productive in 2015. Money will flow to you as and when you need it, allowing you to lead a peaceful and worry free life. Look forward to a year of financial stability.
Lucky number ~ 13
Favoured colour ~ Turquoise

★ ~ Sagittarius ~ ★
Home and Relationships ~ Romance is brewing in 2015 and passions are simmering below the surface but you must learn to be patient as events must be allowed to take their course. You are a sensitive soul and divine timing will ensure that you and others are absolutely ready. Donít leap into anything that doesnít feel totally right for you. Be prepared to wait for the right moment with the right person before committing your heart. Some relationships of those you are close to may be strained at times in the spring months. Don't be tempted to try and take control or direct the course of events. Keep quiet, take a step back and allow things to take their natural path to see the best possible outcome for all concerned.
Career and Finances ~ Finances are set to improve as the year progresses. Focus on your goals and know that hard work will bring it's fair rewards. A new working partnership will come as a great help (and relief!) to you later on in the year.
Lucky number ~ 26
Favoured colour ~ Aqua

★ ~ Capricorn ~ ★
Home and Relationships ~ Your relationships are starred to be full of light this year. Current ones are set to deepen into a higher level of mutual understanding and new significant relationships are on the horizon. Your capacity to love and trust in the your future happiness will grow as the year progresses.
Allow events to unfold, don't try to force any issues or push yourself into something you may not be completely ready to embark on. Your Angels will steer you gradually towards all that is destined for your highest good and happiness Ė just be patient!
Career and Finances ~ The early part of the year may be a little financially unstable, but you should start to see an improvement in your finances after a few weeks. Look out for opportunities to earn extra cash, and give all ideas due consideration. Donít dismiss the chance to try something just because it is different, you will know if it feels right for you. You will be guided towards a possible career change or on how to get recognition at work which will help you have a much brighter future. If you are uncertain about how to progess, call upon your Angels to send you clear signs, then be open to the answering guidance which will be sent.
Lucky number ~ 34
Favoured colour ~ Orange

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