love, angels, comfort, heart, guidance, free, guardian angel, finding love, health, faith, tust, hope, soulmate, healing, heaven

love, angels, comfort, heart, guidance, free, guardian angel, finding love, health, faith, tust, hope, soulmate, healing, heaven

Are you an Earth Angel?
The Quiz - by Mary Jac

As featured in
the May issue of Soul & Spirit Magazine 2013.

Earth Angels are said to be Angels in human form.
In this new time of spiritual enlightenment it is believed that the Angels
within us are emerging to help, teach and guide others through difficult times.
Sometimes a brief encounter with an Earth Angel is all that is needed to get us through a crisis,
at other times wonderful new relationships will be formed which will transform our lives forever.
A few of us may already recognise the Earth Angel inside us
and are happily following the path that this realisation has placed us upon.
Many of us will be excited, yet uncertain about the prospect of allowing this deeply spiritual part of us to emerge,
or wonder if, in fact, we have it within us at all.
Are you curious to know if you could be an Earth Angel? Take this quiz and find out!
** You need a pen and paper to note down your scores - (a)'s, (b)'s, (c)'s and (d)'s **

1. Do you intuitively pick up when other people are upset or worried about something, and feel an urge to help them?
(a) Never, I have too many problems of my own to notice anyone elseís.
(b) Sometimes, but I donít like to interfere in other peopleís business.
(c) I try to be sensitive towards how others are feeling and help if I am asked.
(d) Always, I just know when someone isnít happy and try to think of what I can do to make things better for them.

2. Do you have heightened senses of sight, hearing and/or smell?
Not as far as I am aware, I think all my senses are average.
(b) On occasion, I find it difficult to spend time in a noisy environment.
(c) Yes, I have noticed recently I am becoming more aware of all of my senses.
(d) Very much so, I often see sparkles of light and notice scents and sounds around me that others seem unaware of.

3. Do you have frequent Ďpsychicí moments?
(a) Never, and I would prefer not to.
(b) Sometimes I know who is calling me on the phone before I answer it.
(c) I often know what people are going to say or do without having to ask.
(d) All the time, I have very strong psychic abilities in all matters.

4. Do you feel you have the ability to heal others and get pleasure from doing so?
(a) No, I believe only in healing by the medical profession.
(b) Not really, but I wish that I did.
(c) I sometimes feel that I want to reach out to someone and try, but am not confident enough to do so.
(d) Yes, I have complete faith in my ability to help others to heal, and feel that I have often done so.

5. If you were in a supermarket and saw a person crying and clearly in distress in one of the aisles, would you
(a) Feel embarrassed and pass them by, and continue with your shopping.
(b) Feel sorry for them and hope that they feel better soon.
(c) Locate the nearest shop worker and ask that they to go to the assistance
of the person in distress so you know they will be looked after by someone.
(d) Approach the person in distress and gently ask if there is anything you can do to help them.

6. Are you highly sensitive and take things easily to heart?
(a) No, I never let anything get me down.
(b) Only when people are really rude or nasty to me.
(c) Sometimes, if I am feeling a bit tired or stressed.
(d) Yes, I feel things very deeply.

7. Do you think you have a strong life purpose?
(a) No, I just take every day as it comes.
(b) Iím not sure, I would like to think so.
(c) Yes, but I have yet to discover what it is.
(d) Yes, I am here to help others in any way that I can.

8. Do you often feel that you are very different from most other people?
(a) Not at all, I blend in with the crowd.
(b) In some ways, I have unusual tastes in my dress sense and home environment.
(c) Yes, I have been teased about it throughout my life
(d) Yes, I and I am very proud of being very unique.

9. Do you find that everyone comes to you with their problems?
(a) No, as i am unable to deal with stress.
(b) Occasionally, but I struggle with offering advice or solutions to them.
(c) Yes, I try to help, though I am not always confident doing so.
(d) All of the time and Iím always happy to help in any way that I can.

10. Do you have vivid and meaningful dreams that you feel contain some kind of message?
(a) No, I rarely dream at all.
(b) Not really, my dreams are usually connected with my daytime thoughts and events.
(c) I think so, but can rarely remember the details.
(d) Yes, I often wake knowing that I have had angelic communication during the night.

11. Do you believe that miracles can happen?
(a) No, there is no such thing.
(b) Rarely, but only in exceptional circumstances.
(c) I havenít personally experienced one yet, but would like to believe that they can.
(b) Yes, life is a series of miracles which occur around us every day.

Now - count up and see if you have mostly
(a)'s (b)'s (c)'s or (d)'s and


n.b: *This is the original article written by and is © Mary Jac March 2013.
(Edited by Soul & Spirit magazine for their May 2013 issue).
It must not be copied, printed or reproduced on any other site or in any other publication
without Mary Jac's written permission.

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